xt-Connect FAQ

xtConnect - Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have summarized and answered frequently asked questions for you.

  What is xtConnect?

xtConnect is a software to manage (e.g. articles, special offers, orders, statistics) your xt-Commerce Shops or xtc Forks (inter alia Modified, Gambio GX2, SEO Commerce, ialla Shop) via App for iPhone and iPad. The software consists of a free App for iOS and the xtConnector for a fee. Important: VEYTON is not supported!

  What are the functions of xtConnect?

An overview of the functions of xtConnect

  • Products
    Overview of all products, search and changing of product features (name, price, quantity of goods, article number, EAN, status, home page, delivery time)
  • Special Offers
    Changing of the product features (offer status, expiration date, quantity offered, offer price)
  • Offers
    Overview of all orders including order details (customer data, delivery address, invoice address, ordering data, ordered products, prices) and changing of the order status
  • Statistics
    Customer, order and product statistics ("today" und "total")
  • Stock Alerts
    Overview of all products with stock alert
  • Management of up to 10 xt-commerce WebShops via app
  What mobile devices are supported by xtConnect?

xtConnect currently supports Apple iPhone (version 3 and later) and iPad (version 2 and later).

  What are the technical requirements my server / shop must come up with?

The requirements your server / shop must fulfill are as follows:

  • PHP >= 5.2 and PHP JSON extensions
  • xt-Commerce 3.0.4SP2.1 or higher (non commercial Shop Versions !)
  • or xtc Forks such as Modified, Gambio GX2, SEO Commerce, ialla Shop
  • FTP access
  • ionCube Decoder

Important: VEYTON is not supported!
  Why do I need the xtConnector?

You need an Interface - the xtConnector - to connect the app with your shops. The xtConnector handles the entire data exchange between iOS app and your xt-commerce shop.

  What does the xtConnector cost?

remasolutions offers different price packages (no monthly costs!) depending on how many xt-commerce shops you want to manage with your iOS App.

  Is there a demo version available?

Yes, there is. You can test xtConnect for free. Just download the xtConnect App in the Apple Store and test the extensive functions.

  Is there an installation service and what will it cost?

Yes, there is. remasolutions provides an installation service. This means, remasolutions will install and set up the xtConnector on your shop server and finally do all the testing. Prices can be found here.

  Does remasolutions also offer individual solutions?

Yes. Do you need a special feature, a module, an Interface, a special app? Contact us!