xt-Connect Help and Install Instructions

Installation Instructions xtConnect

Do you want to manage your xt-Commerce shop via iPhone or iPad? Here you will find an installation guide.

App Download (free)

To manage your xt-Commerce based shops via iOS app you first need to download the free app from the Apple Store and install it on your iPhone or iPad. After installing the app is ready to use and will, if you haven't purchased any of our xtConnector package yet, connect with our demo shop. That gives you the chance to test the app before buying a xtConnector.

Note: The products shown in the demo shop will not be delivered or invoiced. This demo shop is for illustration purposes only.

xtConnector Download

You need to buy a xtConnector, so that the free app can connect with your xt-commerce shop. After successful purchasing one of the offered packages you will get a free account at remashop24.de. Here you can download the xtConnector ("My Account" -> "Orders" -> "Order Details").

Install xtConnector

Unpack the ZIP Archive and save it in a directory of your choice. Now upload the extracted directory via FTP to your shop server. If your shop is located for instance in the folder "/var/www/domain.ltd/httpdocs", then copy the extracted directory directly below. The connector consequently would be located as follows: "/var/www/domain.tld/httpdocs/connector". If your shop is located in a sub directory (e.g. "/var/www/domain.tld/httpdocs/webshop") instead of in the root directory of your domain, then copy the connector into this sub directory ("/var/www/domain.tld/httpdocs/webshop/connector"). Test: In order to check whether the connector is properly installed, enter the following into your browser: http://ihredomain.tld/connector/connector.php?mod=Auth&call=Ping. If the message "ok" appears the connector has been correctly installed.

Add Shops

After the installation of the connector on your server, click "My Account" -> "My Shops" in the main menu and enter your shops you want to manage via app. Depending on the package you can have up to 10 shop-URLs available.

Connect App with Shop

Start your app and sign in under "My Account" with your login data (email and password) of your remashop24.de account. Now choose one of your shops, which you have added under remashop24.de, and connect with it.